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Book 0.5 in the Vegas Arcana series, “REBEL MAGICS”

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“Even a Pawn has the power to change the game…”

Before I was “Dr. Eli Hawthorne, Deck Runner mentor” to our Las Vegas team, I was “Lord Hawthorne, Earl of House Valentine” in the heart Los Angeles… and this is how I got from there, to here.

Eli Hawthorne, an Earl within the Peerage, has always prided himself on his adherence to the ancient traditions and strict codes that govern the magical community. However, a series of events begins to unravel his steadfast loyalty, revealing the cracks in the foundation of the Peerage’s rigid structure.

In a world where magic is bound by ancient laws and rigid hierarchies, Eli Hawthorne stands as a paragon of the Peerage’s ideals. As an Earl entrusted with upholding these traditions, his life is one of unwavering loyalty and strict adherence to the rules. But when a clandestine mission brings him face-to-face with the Deck Runners—rogue magicians who defy the Peerage’s control—Eli’s world is turned upside down. Captivated by their innovative magic and unbreakable bonds, Eli begins to question everything he’s been taught to believe.

Caught between the duty to his heritage and the pull of a new destiny, Eli must navigate a treacherous path that challenges his very identity. With the Peerage’s wrath looming and the Deck Runners’ lives in his hands, Eli faces an impossible choice: remain a servant to the past or become a herald of change.

“REBEL MAGICS” is a tale of courage, transformation, and the quest for freedom. It’s a story for anyone who has ever dared to break the chains of convention to forge a new path forward. Join Eli as he steps out of the shadows of tradition and into the light of rebellion, where the future of magic is rewritten.

Client:  BOOK 0.5