About this project

A mentor lost in the Norse realm of the dead. A team of mismatched allies. A race against time.

To rescue Eli Hawthorne from the clutches of Helheim, Malcolm must venture far beyond the familiar. Together with Sophie, Alex, and Damian, they navigate the ancient mounds of Ireland and the treacherous domain of Norse gods. Guided by the trickster god Loki and confronting Hel herself, Malcolm’s journey is a high-stakes adventure where every choice is a gamble, and every step could be their last. As the clock ticks down, will they find the strength and cunning needed to outsmart gods and save their friend from an eternal fate?

Hel and Back is a spellbinding urban fantasy that weaves together magic, mythology, and non-stop adventure. Dive into an epic quest that promises heart-pounding action, unexpected twists, and a giant squirrel.

Client:  BOOK 3